IMG_20161109_172916456_HDRJoy Elizabeth Cochran, a learner for life. I have been many things through the years–daughter, friend, student, athlete, lifeguard, girlfriend, fragrance model, farm market hand, fiancé, jewelry seller, wife, daycare worker, expectant mother, student-teacher, mom, teacher, aunt, caregiver, office help–but through it all, learning has been the key. Learning a new skill. Trying to learn to be patient. Learning my place. Learning to be content…

Any way you look at it, that must be why I’m still here. I still have a lot to learn but don’t mind sharing through spoken or written word what I’ve gleaned along the way, for whatever it’s worth.

For now, I’m trying to learn to be the best wife to Joel (whom I have known since fourth grade and been married to since July 20, 1991), mom to Katie, Will, Josh, and David, adoptive mama/ grandmama to a few others, friend to all, and learner for life as a student of the Word.


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